tyler bingham

Teacher & Artist


Informing my experiences with the substance of my world. It is generative, building upon itself.


Transferring the passion in the context of the discipline and rigor. Fueling my primary awareness of my mastery & relationship to a subject.


Cultivates a place to escape, reflect, and experiment. If I need to be stuck in thought, I'll pick up an instrument.

Book Publishing

Exemplifies the powerful union between the image and word. It's the primary medium I use to reflect and to let go of images.

Why Photography?

I discovered the power of the 'activity' of taking intentional photographs while teaching 8th grade mathematics in North Carolina. Following reading several excerpts from Abbott's, "Flatland", students were instructed to photograph: the 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, or a combination of dimensions.

Resulting from this assignment, students vocalized the precision of our crazy world. We laughed over the issue of photographing the 1 dimensional. We developed an art-based discourse. Their work was displayed at a local coffee shop.

Why Teaching?

Elements of reciprocation, passion, surprise, community, and rigor... Encapsulated in education are many fundamental characteristics reminding me of the beauties within a socially-grounded humanness.

What's the best part? Seeing a student become overwhelmed with surprise, resulting from their abilities that they recognize for the very first time, is exceptional. It isn't always about the student 'getting' the material; it's about the student 'getting' themselves.

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