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The Artist

Approaching a year after letting go of alcohol and 6 months post severing ties with Facebook, I haven't stumbled into "insight" discourse. Reflectively speaking, instant gratifications offered by social media, coupled with the creative entertainment of photographing musicians were slippery distractions from releasing expressions that were insightful [to me]. Photographic rituals over the past 6 years have been, routines, repetitive experiences without contemplation of what I was trying to accomplish.

Musically, I offered safe - albeit raw - interpretations of cover songs at Open Mic events. I've never considered myself a musician, have never taken myself 'that' seriously. But, I seriously rely upon the gestural pleasures of playing guitar - when under my own roof. It's time for me to experiment with taking myself seriously - as a musician.

This brings me to the marriage between what we see and what we hear. Well over a decade ago, I stumbled upon an artist exhibiting at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN. She coupled her musical & visual sensibilities into a successful installation. I describe it as successful, because it still resonates as brilliant. Although I can't recall specific strokes of her genuis, the form in which she communicated ideas was poinant; I could feel them.

Visually where I've been...

Either link will take you to a clearer understanding of just what the hell I have been photographing for the past 6 years, and why. I'm still trying to figure it out. No matter how many times I revisit the 21,000 photographs of musicians and musical cultures I've shot, ideological patterns just don't emerge. I'm slapped in the face only with memories of time, space, and emotional luggage. Where is the idea?