Beyond Just Playing [YouTube]

  • 09/2012
    Using the Video Booth
    Pickamania - Silver City, NM
  • 03/2013
    Performance at a Party
    Dulcimer - Siler City, NM
  • 01/2011
    MFA Application
    Tyler Bingham
  • 14/2013
    Performance on a Radio Show
    KRUX, 91.5 - Las Cruces, NM
  • 06/2010
    Video at a Restaurant
    Buckhorn Saloon - Pinos Altos, NM
  • 08/2012
    Special Needs Project
    "Opus VI" - Silver City, NM
  • 12/2012
    Creation of a Music Video
  • 06/2009
    Shooting Outside Musician
    Banjo - Silver City, NM

The Artist

Just over 14 years ago I completed a solo canoe trip from Burlington, NC to Wilmington, NC via the Haw and Cape Fear Rivers. This trip informed me of the depths that wilderness travel was a part of me. It was time for that needed change. The previous year I was an Algebra teacher in Elon, NC; it left me weary of the public school system, forcing me to seek positions as either a Wilderness Therapist or a mathematics teacher at a private school.

I sold everything thing I owned, with the exception of camera and camping gear. I had to travel light as I was relocating to Silver City, NM from Burlington, NC. The destination didn't force the letting go of materials, but the methods by which I traveled did. After 5 days of trains, bicycling, bus, and hitchhiking, I made it to Silver City where I had landed a gig as a Wilderness Therapist. Not more than six weeks had gone by, before calling a friend and asking for my old guitar - that I assumed was collecting dust.

I never lived in a city of Silver City's size with the sheer number of creative folk per capita. I always had to travel a [timely] distance before experiencing ART.

Calling upon the cliche, "To make a long story short...," music consumed most of the: why's, when's, where's, and how's, for the next decade or more. It was everywhere, and I attempted to incorporate the joy's embodied within earshot into everything.

Now, it's time to use it as a statement...

Musically where I've been...

The content on this page encapsulates musical meanderings. I'm using these experiences as a springboard to something else...Will I have a new direction or project, forcing me to alter the text I've thus written - wthin 3 months? Maybe...but, often starting points are tough to come by. As such, I'm reinventing intentions through my, Current Project.