Giving Musicians a chance to have fun at festivals

The video booth originally was designed to springboard from a body of work developed by Christopher Irion. He came to Silver City, NM, set up a booth, and captured rich photographs of locals. The photographs he developed (film) took up large windows across several store fronts. The photographs stirred conversations and were a tremendous hit!

Too often musicians don't bring instruments to music festivals. The booth was set up at Pickamania, capturing all kinds of music from all kinds of people.

Janey Katz, an instrumental figure in getting Irion to Silver City, suggested we try capturing video and audio - several years after Irion's exhibit. We put the photographs back up on the windows and asked be to give their impressions of the photographs while sitting in our booth.

The booth was a success and was experimented with in multiple domains. Musical festivals included one of those domains.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.