It's meditative - degrees of wandering

There is a simple joy in sitting down and playing an instrument, without intention to learn or master. I usually subscribe to a pattern, while incorporating slight variations into the pattern(s). This subtle variation offers just enough difference in tactile and audible sensation that I don't achieve boredom.

Each time I play, it's different. I meander through, hoping I remember and develop something transferrable to other songs. I love getting lost within the instrument.

Tensions of Conflict was developed by way of taking my son, at the time he was 3 years old, to the university to play the piano. He would play the keys for about 1 minute for each of my 5. Not before too long I found myself visiting the practice rooms at WNMU without my son. This album is the result of listening to and chopping up 40 continuous minutes of playing. After listening to the forty minutes of music, I concluded that it reminded me of war. So, I inserted 'war' sounds into the tracks. The album is supposed to take on the progression of conflict, with its resolution. The titles of the tracks were derived by my son, his mother, and I - closing our eyes, turning to a page in the dictionary and pointing to a word. The following tracks will open in a new window.

1. Amalthea 3:00
2. Bedediction 4:54
3. Delhi 5:08
4. Emitter 3:52
5. Ganglioside 2:31
6. Nobility 5:09
7. Projectil 6:09
8. Third Class 3:08
9. Zerath 3:31