An entrancement of patterns and connectivity

I use a walk around process, often with a curiosity followed by a walking in a best-fit straight line. Frequently, a unique relationship between two buildings or between a building and a landscaped feature (e.g. sculpture) force this path. I walk with a focus on a building's specific attribute while permitting the periphery to influence, promote judgment, and to enhance emotional attachment or detachment.

Architectural stimulations have a foundation at the intersections of design solutions and spatial activities. Functional designs fail, resulting from the poor quality of human behavior and interaction taking place within the space.

This process arouses surprise. Upon being within the interior and exterior of the space, I usually find my judgments and expectations wrong, forcing interpretive revision.

Although the abandoned rural dwelling forces a different approach to photograph, there still exist similar qualities to the provocative nature of contemporary architecture. Potential narratives behind a broken window or broom handle influence spatial quality loaded with surprise.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.