documenting culture and speed

It first happened experiencing a portage trail from behind the lens of a 35mm camera (Nikon F3). Individual achievements are impressive, sure. But, the subtle - non verbal connections that enable the individual to access deep reserves of power are more valuable to recognize. Sometimes it's as simple as the extension of an arm with an open hand.

There is a grace, an elegance in what athletes accomplish. The behind-the-scenes efforts, the social building blocks of the discipline, enhance both the individual's and team's beauty. It deepens my emotional equity from behind the lens.

A service ethic was first brought to my attention via documenting an athletic event. There exists an attitude towards oneself, one's environment, and towards each other. Such an ethic is easily overlooked because the overshadowing power of the event is exciting in itself.

Resulting from the following qualities is a service ethic:
1. The environment is a raw force.
2. The environment embodies all that is good.
3. The environment embodies all that is bad.
4. Individual reflection occurs (in silence).
5. Group reflection occurs (in silence).
6. The individual exhibits a positive work ethic - does his share of the work.

**The environment is not limited to the natural world. The environment embodies the qualities of the space in which the event occurs.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.