Following an idea initiates new ways of seeing

Currently, I'm investigating the role ambiguity plays in how erotic imagery is identified. Does the suggestion of a human body part enable body parts to be seen where they just do not exist? There are certain Freudian cliches that are creeping into this body of work. And, often I reflect on the flowers developed by Georgia O'Keeffe with inquiry into her intention(s).

The Infinity Box - Keeping in the spirit of bridging mathematics and fine art, I created a 3' x 3' x 3' mirrored box. Initially I was interested in seeing cool iterations using liquids, shapes, sands, etc. Ultimately, I got lost in experiencing the creation of new universes.

Working with an idea grounded in specific intention creates a generative body of work. I can springboard from one idea and easily transition into the next.

I don't always shoot with an idea in mind. I may go to the Gila River with the intention of shooting reflections. I may have opinions and ideas that revolve around 'reflection' but, I try to avoid the idea from influencing how I see through the lens. Afterwards, with 40 or 50 keeper photos, I then permit the ideas to reveal themselves. This method strengthens my connection with an environment, while shooting a specific idea enhances the relationship I have with myself.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.