A Place where connections evolve & deepen

Merlefest was brought to my attention while I was teaching algebra in Burlington, NC. I knew nothing about the festival, nor did I have an opinion about bluegrass music. On a rainy Saturday I drove over to Wilkesboro, NC. I learned that pickin' circles in addition to festival goers, promote big smiles and joyful exchanges [musical or otherwise].

Music festivals unveil and promote human interaction. Instruments have the ability to crumble social barriers and to springboard relationships that otherwise remain dormant.

Time and resources available, I'll make it to any festival I can. Music, food, sponsored health events, etc., all have a similar vibe, likely because they are outside.

The participation in my first Merlefest event, as a photographer, unleashed an interest and joy in photographing musicians.

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.