a Joyful soul resonates inside the musician

My fear of photographing strangers in public places dissolved soon after I started photographing musicians. I didn't have fears of objectifying a musician or a band; they are on a stage and sharing themselves, expecting visual attention. It didn't take long to transfer my visual curiosities to the metaphorical stage of life, where the public performs upon daily - even upon the street they are crossing.

Every musician exudes a rhythmic gestalt. Their melodic movements are just as entertaining as the sounds developed by their voice and instrument(s).

Musicians have unique relationships with their instruments. It's unlike any relationship a human has with a thing that never has been, nor ever will be alive. But, the musician brings their instrument to life. I've heard all kinds of stories and philosophies revolving around the soul of an instrument. Sometimes I believe that soul exists and is released into freedom when that magic moment occurs within the union of finger and fretboard.

When 2 or more people contribute to a single sound...WOW! It offers insight into the electricity flowing between two people, especially if they are unplugged!

Currently I work out of The Shared Studio Space @ the Wherehouse.